Top Tips to Delete Facebook Messages from Android or iOS Device

Are you looking for the fastest and safest way to delete Facebook messages from your iOS or Android device? Facebook is an excellent platform that lets you connect with friends and family. The status and messages shared are hugely popular, but sometimes you may not want these messages to be on your phone forever.

Are you looking for the fastest and safest way to delete Facebook messages from your iOS or Android device? Facebook is an excellent platform that lets you connect with friends and family. The status and messages shared are hugely popular, but sometimes you may not want these messages to be on your phone forever.

This is especially true, if these messages are embarrassing or even worse. To get rid of the Facebook message clutter in your inbox once and for all, you need an effective method that is also simple to use. This way you can easily and quickly delete all your unnecessary and private messages completely. Here are a few instructions to help you delete the messages from your Android and iOS mobile devices.

Part 1. Step by step instructions on how to delete Facebook Messages from iOS and Android Devices

1 Method to delete Facebook Messages in iOS devices

Section #1. Delete Facebook Messages from iOS devices

Facebook Messenger application in iOS devices makes it easy to communicate with relatives, friends and colleagues. If you want to delete a particular message or a group of messages at a time the deletion would not be a permanent one. When you delete you remove just the copy present in your inbox and not that of the recipient. With the proper method, you can delete Facebook messages permanently and it will not be possible to reverse it. Here are the steps to follow:

Delete a Facebook message from iOS device

Step 1#. Open your Facebook Messenger in your iOS. This will usually be displayed on the main screen. Open it with a single tap.

Step 2#. Choose the message you want to erase.
You can choose your preferred language from the 17 languages option present. Click on the Pro version of PDF converter. Choose preferences to open your preferences window. Click on OCR tab. Now choose the language you want.

Step 3#. Delete the message.
Now highlight the message you want to be erased by pressing and holding.

In the menu that appears, tap the delete option. This will remove the message from your history.

Section #2. How to Delete Facebook conversation

Erasing a conversation is easy. You need to just swipe the conversation towards the left side to delete it.

Step #1. Find the conversation you want to delete.
Scroll down the conversation list until you come to the conversation you wish to erase.
Swipe it to left from right direction, instead of tapping on it to open.

Step #2. Delete the conversation
You can either use the Archive or Delete option for your conversation.
When you use the delete button, the conversation will be erased completely.

2 Method to delete Facebook Messages in Android devices

Facebook is a great social platform that keeps you connected with friends and family perpetually. The ability to access games, news and several other activities on Facebook make it a versatile platform. With your mobile device the experience you get is more as you can use the platform anywhere easily.
With the Facebook Messenger in your Android you can send and receive messages. But in some cases you may wish to delete Facebook messages like when you want to avoid unwelcome access from persons you do not wish to connect with.
Here are the steps involved:
There are two sections in this method.

Section #1. Delete a single message from Facebook Messenger in your Android

When you wish to erase a particular message from your Facebook messages to prevent information leak or to erase all things you have conversed with a person, it is wise to know how it can be accomplished.

The steps involved are

  • Select the specific message you wish to remove permanently.
  • Tap on the message.
  • Press delete option.

The message will be removed automatically.

Based on the length of the message, you may need to pause for a few minutes. Or, you can try to erase the message several times. Anyhow, this method is very effective and is guaranteed to give you the results faster and effectively.

Section #2. How to erase Facebook Conversation from your Android device

Here are the steps involved in removing a conversation from your Facebook account on your Android device.


  • Open the messages and identify the conversation history you wish to erase.
  • Tap on the conversation and hold it until you find the menu window.
  • Select delete option from the menu.

This can also be done through your mobile browser.

  • Log in to your Facebook account on your mobile browser.
  • Open the messages and the history you wish to delete.
  • Select delete option to delete the entire conversation.
  • If it is a lengthy conversation, you can choose the parts you want to be removed.

Part 2. Effective and efficient solution to delete Facebook messages

While you can delete the messages individually, Facebook does not have a feature that allows deleting multiple messages at a time. However there is a simple and effective solution to delete Facebook messages – iSkysoft Data Eraser. iSkysoft Data Eraser is the first of its kind for use in Android and iOS devices. It can safely erase the following:

  • Messages
  • Browser history
  • Log in data
  • Photos
  • Cache data
  • Video
  • Music and more

erase Everything On iPhone

The information deleted is 100 percent unrecoverable. With iSkysoft Data Eraser,you can donate, recycle or sell your device without being worried about your private details being exposed. All your personal data will be safeguarded preventing data criminals from accessing them.

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How safe is iSkysoft Data Eraser?

With iSkysoft Data Eraser you can be assured of all sensitive data such as banking details, account information, emails, browsing history and other such personal info on your device is kept from being revealed to other people. Various other uses of iSkysoft include

  • Remove all junk files to increase storage space and accelerate your mobile device
  • File compressor feature enables further saving of space, retaining quality of performance
  • Permanently overwrite all the deleted files

Using iSkysoft Data Eraser

With iSkysoft it is an easy three step process to completely and permanently erase all messages you wish to remove from Facebook. The steps involved include

  • Connect your Android or iPhone to the system
  • Select data erase feature
  • Erase the information you want permanently.

It supports a wide range of features

    iSkysoft is a preferred choice as it can support all iOS devices including iPhone, iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C and 5.
    The software is also effective in iPad devices including iPad mini and in iPad Retina Display mini, Air, 2 and in Retina Display iPad .
    IPod devices such as touch4, touch 5 and touch
    Tablets and phones that run Android versions 6.0 and 2.1 are also supported. The Messenger app of Facebook is very useful to erase entire threads or messages directly from your mobile device.

    Erase precisely

    With meticulously crafted iSkysoft data eraser you can erase your messages, call history, mail, contacts, calendar, voice memos, voice mail, videos and photos. It is also possible to erase keyboard Cache settings, Safari History etc. Additionally you can also perform complete and permanent deletion of files such as messages, calendar, call history and photos.

    Facebook is popular and leading social media site that receives billions of hits in a day. It is used for uploading photos and videos, entertainment, communication and much more. When you wish to delete Facebook messages, whether it is a single message or multiple messages permanently, using a proven and reliable method like iSkysoft will help in successful results.

    Before you start deleting the unwanted messages, make sure you do a proper backup of all the vial information such as confidential data, client data and other such info that is accessible only via the messenger inbox. This will save a lot of hassles in the future.

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