Tips & Tricks
December 1, 2016

How to Fix iPhone Not Sending or Receiving iMessages/Text Messages

Alongside emailing, using iMessage or text messaging to contact people is one of the most common communication methods out there. While iMessaging is more common, the ability to text message allows for iOS users to contact non-iOS users. The only issue with this being a main method of communication is that every so often, iPhone users will have to fix iPhone not sending or receiving iMessages/text messages.
November 16, 2016

How to Permanently Delete iMessages & Text Messages on iPhone

When you delete iMessages on iPhone or delete Text messages on iPhone are you aware that they are not permanently erased and can be retrieved? The messages you have deleted from the message box can actually be recovered using recovery tool. So they have not been deleted permanently.
November 8, 2016

How to Clear Facebook Messages on iPhone or Android

Data storage is a lot more limited on mobile phones than it is on computers and because of that, it's important that we manage the data that we have on our phones more than usual. Now, we can take the time to take backups of our devices and delete apps that we don't use, but the real way to remove unwanted data is to remove your messages and attachments.
November 7, 2016

How To Clear iPhone Browsing History And Safari Cookies On iPhone

Are you thinking of reselling your iPhone? If so, you need to know how to clear iPhone browsing history and clear Safari Cookies on iPhone. Whether it is an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone you want to resell, it is best to erase all the confidential information including cookies and browsing history.